Most important thing in vocal training? Essential guitar pedals in…

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00:00 Howdy Y’all!
02:44 Tips for building up singing voice and recovering from long gigs/rehearsals? Singing tips for 2022?
07:45 What makes Good BBQ? How do you judge good BBQ?
10:58 What’s something that’s very Texan that people think isn’t a Texas thing?
15:02 Most important thing in vocal training?
19:02 Guitar Pedal board with only 4 pedals, what do you use?
21:08 COMMENT OF THE DAY SONG! – writing a song from youtube comments.
23:18 Nicknames for our Dogs, Cats and Children.
30:17 Could we record our church band rehearsal?
32:17 Giant Belt Buckles? Texas Fact or Fiction?
36:14 Weirdest song lesson request we’ve had from a student? Is rock dead in 2022?


Ryan’s Music Project

RNA MUSIC is a family owned guitar shop and lesson studio nestled deep in the Heart of Texas. We teach Guitar, Drums/Percussion, Piano, Bass, and Voice lessons. We also are a retailer of guitars, drums, and accessories. Our videos include gear reviews, music lessons, unboxings, family vlogs, business tips, FAQ/ASK RNA, Grilling Adventures, and our student recitals! If you are in Canton, Texas come by and see us!

Ryan & Angela are small business owners, and music teachers in Canton, Tx. Once a week we answer our viewers questions about all kinds of things! Guitars, gear, music, food, movies, star trek vs star wars, owning a business, self employment, being creatives, living in Texas and much more! If you have a question, leave it in the comment section of the most recent ASK RNA episode!

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