The sound and tones of time are with us

Elite Einheit-13
High Gain-Distortion

Choose your Pedalboard
color, plug in!

BIFURCATOR – Dual Overdrive


Plug & Play Pedalboards

the 82 – powerful overdrive, clean or saturated

Octagrapher-Fuzz, Octave and Adrenaline

Being a Guitarist is not just a matter of chords, it is also about experimenting and experiencing a universe size ocean of sound and tone innovation. That’s what Vntage Tone offers you, the quality you need in the experience of your sound and visual restlessness.

Find Yourself In Sound. Find Yourself With Our Effects Pedals

The possibility of other sounds with our creations: effects pedals and pedalboards.


Vntage Tone is a group of musicians in the eternal search for great tone. That search has thrown us into the adventure of designing guitar effects pedals ideal for any kind of guitar, guitarist or amp. Our focus being to enable you to reach the tones that resonate in your head. At the same time we also designed practical, functional and very cool looking pedalboards that get you as close as possible to “plug&play” in regards to set-up so that you can focus on making music.

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Our Creations

As musicians ourselves, we know that when it comes to effects pedals, dialing in a great tone should not be a hassle, at the same time the effects pedal needs to allow for a wide range of colors in regards to the tones it can create. When it comes to pedalboards – ergonomics and practicality are key; as close as possible to “plug&play” with great looks and durability. This is what Vntage Tone brings to the table. 

Todos nuestros productos cuentan con garantía de satisfacción; si al recibirlo no cuenta con las especificaciones mencionadas, contáctenos vía mail para hacer la devolución del producto en cuestión, en el cuál te notificaremos el proceso a seguir.

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