Howard D. Overdrive

Howard D. Overdrive

164.00 $ USD

After years of experimenting we managed to recreate that mythical tone that made guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughn so unique. A creamy, round and dynamic tone – this is our Howard D.

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Jacks Neutrik
Alpha pots
Mallory, Wima, Panasonic capacitors
center negative polarity
Lower current 15mA
Two modes, Cream & Rock; cream mode gives a full-bodied tone ideal for warm riffs and solos. Rock mode respects dynamics and attacks with your player, bringing out the midrange as well as adding 3 db to clearly push solos to the front of any mix.

Volume, gain, and tone control knobs

true by the way

N.O.S (New Old Stock) Components

Western brown tolex finish


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