éTer Portfolio Pedalboard

éTer Portfolio Pedalboard

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Éter Pedalboard Portfolio is a must. Everything you need on a pedalboard you will find in our model, all the perforations are designed and tested so that it is very simple to wire without having to resort to an expert. The inclination required to access the pedals of the backline while naturally touching the expression pedals, as well as the weight is not a factor, since the base being made of aluminum makes it a lightweight and stable pedalboard. Another plus of our model is to come pre-equipped with the current and line connectors on its sides, so it is practically plug & play, if to all this we add the covers made of stainless steel with an incredible chrome finish, both for its functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics we get the perfect harmony that every musician must project on the stage.

Technical specifications

Size: 55x32x17 cm
Connectors: Neutrik & Leviton in and out jacks
Hardware: Penn Elcom
Painting: Powder Coating
Jack plate in and out
Materials: Aluminum (base) Stainless steel
Logo Vntage Tone Custom

Weight: 6 kg

*The finishing of the caps may depend on the availability of materials.
*Pedals and other accessories aren't included, they're only reference of space.


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