The classic and traditional sound of the guitar that has been pushed to the limit by the hand of important instrumentalists throughout history, has meant that the need to try to reproduce them cannot be ignored. Given this, there are hundreds of fans interested in feeding their pedalboard with some known effect of their idols.

The truth is, it is difficult to duplicate the sound of some musicians, but that does not mean that it is not possible to find your own without losing the essence of the vintage sound that you want, and that is what we will cover next.

Fresh Guitar Tone

From the shape and type of wood of the instrument to its strings and circuitry, components play a role in the final tone of the instrument. This means that undertaking the task of reproducing vintage Thomann USA can cause some inconvenience. 

To avoid overcomplicating yourself on this matter, it will be better to opt for resources that affect the sound of the instrument so that it is as close as possible to that of yesteryear, and this is about vacuum tube saturation, Browne amplification protein, natural brightness and warm preamp that you can manipulate smoothly, all things are possible through the technology of the appropriate effects.

But before going for the choice of effects, you have to think about the scope you want to have with them, this means that it will be necessary to get a rack where you can put everything. It will be the first thing to be addressed.

More Guitar Tone with Big Bag

Pedalboards are a great resource to take your personalized sound anywhere, this means that by means of an accessory all the effects will be protected and connected so that they can be easily used, and that the connection between them be safe and clean. And the Big Bag can be an excellent choice for this.


The body of this pedalboard is made of light and resistant aluminum covered by magnetic paint that ensures protection and isolation from environmental conditions. It has openings in the flat part to distribute the wiring and keep the effects once connected to each other. Its wedge shape allows the pedals to be in comfortable positions for the foot as well as at a good distance from each other.

Size & weight

In terms of weight and dimensions, suffice it to say that there are only 4 kg in total for this pedalboard while its dimensions are 65x45x32 cm, so it fits in any suitcase and is light enough to be carried by hand.

And more

Velcro straps and some plugs and jacks are provided for easy installation to a power supply, amplifier, and instrument. Its perforations are designed for standard, double and mini expression pedal dimensions, so it will be possible to create distributed meals quickly and have everything organized and looking great.

Guitar Effects for Better Tone

With the pedalboard thing taken care of, all that remains is to put in some effects and start experimenting with what can be achieved from an optimal chain of effects.

First of all, it is important to know that the most effective thing to play with the sound will be the hardware of the instrument itself, this means that the contribution of the pedals will be complementary. For that, it is enough to know in detail the connection of the elements (microphones, knobs, and selectors), which allows for accentuating what you want to highlight at the time of execution; something very common in the more traditional styles.

Finally, start with a choice of iconic effects of the time (in their modern versions and optimized for modern equipment) or opt for some models on the market that offer interesting possibilities by combining the previous ones in a single presentation with particularities, making the choice cheaper.

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