The sound and tones of time, are with us

Being a Guitarist is not only a matter of Chords, you can also experience the sound of Spheres and Innovation. That’s what Vntage Tone offers you, the quality you need in the experience of your Sonorous and Visual concerns

Visita nuestra Workshop
Ramón Alcorta #2312
Col. Lomas de Polanco
C.P 44960, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Télefono (33) 11861701
Horario de Atención
Lunes a Viernes; Previa cita. Sábado; Previa cita


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We gurantee satisfaction on all of our products. A warranty is included so that if you receive one of our tone machines or pedalbords and it has an issue you can follow the instructions on the warranty card to get the issue resolved.

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